Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rental Cars, Family and Fixits

So my family (my sister in particular, as well as her husband and my mom -- yes, I have a sibling) agrees to help us with our vehicle dilemma and I make arrangements for good deals on a used transmission for the van and a rental car in the meantime. All looks good. I take a shuttle out to the airport to pick up the rental car and run into CREDIT CARD INSANITY at Advantage rental cars.

I try to avoid using credit cards, I prefer our debit card. Pay with what you have, I always say... Anyway, so Advantage takes debit cards but want to charge $300 to them -- actually withdraw money -- as the deposit. This would be fine if I had something like $500 in my account at any given time but alas, I get paid weekly. They say, no problem, just use a credit card, they don't charge anything to it. That would be fine if I had an active credit card but I don't. They also don't take numbers for other credit cards from over the phone (I can sort of see the reasoning for that). So, I say, hey, no problem, I'LL JUST PAY IN CASH. "We can't take cash as payment." Huh?? "Corporate policy. I could lose my job if I take cash as payment."

Mumble, to this morning. I make one call to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and they:

  1. Set up an appointment for me and confirm they take cash as payment.

  2. Send a car to pick me up within minutes.

  3. Tell me exactly what they need (proof of insurance, driver's license, etc.)

  4. Explain their terms.

  5. Give me a better price than Advantage.

  6. Take my cash.

  7. Give me a free upgrade from economy to mid-size vehicle (a 2002 Ford Focus)

  8. I'm done in less than 20 minutes and drive the vehicle off the lot.

  9. Make me very happy.

So, we have a rental vehicle for a week (why is it cheaper to rent longer?) and our own vehicle should be fixed by Friday. I'm liking Enterprise but I will never use Advantage again. So, yesterday was stressful but today, I am doing alright! Many a gracious and sincere thank you to my loving relatives for their support.

Tonight is final practice for Youthfest 2004 at the church. Soundcheck at the Delco Center is Friday and the event is Saturday! First Light will be one of the first performing bands, so if you're coming, arrive a little early!

Best Wishes,

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