Monday, October 04, 2004

More About Myst: Revelation

Well, I finally got to play the game on Friday night and Saturday. It truly does build upon the Myst legend of great graphics, animations and strong story -- but with some twists. Myst: Revelation picks up over 10 years after "Myst: Exile" left off but takes place before "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst." It also answers the question of what happened to the main character (Atrus)' sons after the first "Myst" while properly acquainting the game player to Atrus' youngest child, his daughter Yeesha (who was introduced as an eccentric adult in "Uru").

The game is back to 1st person perspective ("Uru" introduced the creation of 3rd person customizable avatars) with some really nice additions, like improved "zip mode," a camera to take snapshots and a viewer to see those snapshots later. Something else that's very new and helpful is a "help/hints" section in the options menu, so that when (not if) you get stuck, you have varying degrees of assistance on solving the puzzles as well as a map of the age you're on. There is one catch, though: if you use help, it mildly alters the ending of the game. Oh, well, I needed some help in a few areas already!

The game has vastly improved 360-degree rotation views and wonderful animated interactions, whether wind or fog or insects or other animals and people. So far, I've only found one extremely minor bug on the "Spire" age and even it did not affect the game play.

According to the game's makers, Ubisoft, there is over one hour of animated footage, in addition to the regular interactive features -- and the animations are virtually seemless with the game. My wife and I are both sticklers for detail and thus far, we have not been disappointed.

Another nice element to the story is that you can figure most of it out but it still manages to toss out some pleasant and unexpected surprises.

Myst: Revelation is rated "T for Teens" for some slightly edgy psychological moments but the game really isn't violent or gory. That's always a plus for me.

Anyway, that's my two cents on the game...which I haven't finished playing yet.

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