Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Embedded Audio!

I am still alive, and finding ways to enhance IR Haven still! I was looking at ways to embed mp3s directly into the blog template and I found a nifty option from Yahoo's embedded media player. I was able to easily integrate it into the template and it plays MP3s I have stored elsewhere online. Just click on the arrow button next to the song link to play the song. It will automatically play the next song, which is cool! Also, the player moves as you move, can be collapsed down or even autohide itself. So you don't have to adjust it and it's less likely to get in the way (way cool).

You can do this yourself. Just check out the instructions at this link.

I added some First Light songs to start with. I may add other MP3s later, but this was a good test!

More later...

Best Wishes,