Saturday, October 09, 2004

(Birthday) Party Time!

The boys had a GREAT birthday party with some of their friends from church last night! There were about about seven kids and two sets of parents. Something pretty unique about it, too, (though not planned) was that four out of those seven kids were biracial like Adam and Josey! So here we had a boys birthday party where the majority of kids are biracial -- that was neat. Of course, it doesn't matter to the kids and we don't really think about it either, but in retrospect, it's kind of amazing. I guess it's amazing to me because it doesn't happen too often that the majority of any child's birthday party is composed of multiracial children -- to unintentionally and randomly end up with a racial "neutral ground" where kids can just be free to be kids.

And by the way, my wife Angel gets total credit for the planning of the boys' birthday party together and she was an excellent hostess fo the evening, too. The party was part kids' games (like the three-legged spoon race and "Simon Says"-like games), part refreshments, part beat the frog piƱata and finally, the opening of the presents. For the few who remained when that was over, they had a choice of Super-Nintendo with Josey or Charlotte's Web 2 on DVD in the computer room.

The boys said it was their "best birthday ever!"

I got pictures with the digital camera. I'll post `em as soon as I can.

We'll be having a separate birthday party with family this afternoon at home and then it will migrate to "Austin Park and Pizza." Should be fun! I'll update later.

I so love it when the boys can enjoy themselves so much. I know those feelings are usually associated with the Mommy -- but this Papa has those feelings, too.

Best Wishes,


Kilroy_60 said...

I enjoy your blog; you do great work. More importantly, you live the right kind of life. Someday, hopefully, there won't be need for a blog related to race of any kind; until then this should be the model.

Thanks for participating in the carnival!

RUTH said...

What a fun time this sounds...a great Carnival post