Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Moment Of Abject Stupidity...

Okay, I'm "man enough" that, when I do something dumb -- and live to tell about it -- I'll own up to it. I had one of those "moments of abject stupidity" on the way to work this morning...and obviously, I lived to tell about it, so...

As you know, our van is in the shop but I have a job close enough to walk to. So I head out a few minutes early and walk towards work. My only remaining obstacle is a major intersection with a crosswalk. I take my time getting there, figuring I'll probably miss the light and wait till the next change of light to cross the road. Suddenly, the light changes and the walk signal bids me to cross. I decide I'm close enough to try and make it (this is one of the dumb things I did) and begin to run towards the intersection crosswalk.

My second mistake was not checking for traffic trying to turn right at the intersection. You know, the kind of traffic that doesn't watch out for pedestrians?

I've taken about four steps into the intersection when an 18-wheeler slowly wraps around from my left, encompassing the entire intersection.

This is a classic "I can't believe this!" moment, because my own momentum is enough that I really can't stop or go back to avoid a collision. I see the truck -- the irresistable force -- heading towards me -- the not-so-immoveable object -- in slow motion -- and there really isn't anything I can do!

A moment later, the side of the truck bumps my left shoulder, knocking me sideways and I nearly lose my balance and fall over. The truck driver, upon hearing the "bump," immediately stops the truck, allowing me a second to regain my balance and move out of the way. Realizing I was fine and would remain so, I went to show the truck driver I was okay so he could leave (and he did). It didn't even hurt where the truck bumped me. Yes, once again proof that God watches out for us even when we aren't doing such a great job looking out for ourselves.

Moral to the lesson I: I still had to wait on the light to cross the intersection.

Moral to the lesson II: I think it was actually harder to explain the "moment of abject stupidity" to my wife (over the phone) than to experience it.

Moral to the lesson III: Avoid "moments of abject stupidity" if at all possible.

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