Saturday, December 04, 2004

Follow Up (Part Two)

So, as we were driving to the burial service (after the funeral/homegoing), we notice a high-pitched shrill coming from our van. It was odd and only seemed to happen when we accelerated, which led me to believe it might be the brakes, but the warning shrill from brakes usually comes days before you actually need to replace your pads, so I figured it was safe to proceed.

We got to the husband's property where the burial was to take place (he'd had the foresight to make burial plots for himself and his wife, side-by-side) , attended the graveside service and prayers. The Lord blessed the husband to be strong. He even had a few words before one of the associate ministers gave the benediction. Then everyone came to offer personal words and condolences to the family. I just wanted to give my brother in Christ a heartfelt hug. I knew I had no words that could express more. When I looked in his eyes, I could see that he "got" me. Angel and I joined the choir for a closing song, which felt good.

Then we packed back into the van and started heading home. Now the hiigh-pitched shrill was replaced by a low-pitched shrill and the van felt like its gears were slipping. I also couldn't get it to accelerate over 20 miles an hour! So, I silently prayed and the Lord blessed us to get back to the husband's property.

I found the two brothers (no, literally they are brothers) who had worked so faithfully on our van and told them the van's symptoms. After driving it and trying to reverse in front of them, they were able to quickly determine that it was the transmission...the same transmission that had replaced the bad transmission before! But the good thing about it is that the parts are still under warranty, so even though it will take several days to get it repaired, it won't cost anything to do so.

We just had two hurtles to overcome and our brothers in Christ (the same brothers) helped with both of those hurtles. I knew that our car insurance covered towing but because of the remote location, I knew it would take some time for a tow truck to find us. And it was getting late and cold. One brother offered to stay with the van until it was towed while the other brother drove my wife, kids and myself home. And while the vehicle is being repaired, at least my job is within walking distance from home (about 1 mile, which I can walk in 15 minutes).

So, the moral to the story is: We got home, safe and sound, thanks to our brothers in Christ. What a great God I serve, that He can change people's hearts to be capable of such compassion, understanding and love -- regardless of nationality (our brothers in Christ happen to be African-American). Once again, I am humbled and grateful and I just have to share the blessings the Lord has done for me.

Have a great day!

Best Wishes,

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