Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An IR True Story

My wife was out and about Christmas shopping yesterday with my oldest son, Adam. They were in line at a Hobby Lobby store waiting to pay for their items and my wife shows Adam a $100 bill. He looks at it and says "Wow! That's Ben Franklin!" My wife says "Yes, that's right. Did you know that Ben Franklin is one of your ancestors, on your father's side?" He responded "Wow! Does that mean we're important people??" To which my wife said "Honey, Ben Franklin is a lot of people's ancestor."

There was one more thing that made the whole thing all the more funny, though. Out of the corner of her eye, my wife saw an older gentleman in line behind them (who happened to be white) -- and he was looking at them very strangely after my (black) wife told my (biracial) son that he was related to Ben Franklin.

They say for everything else, there's Mastercard...but this was priceless!

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