Thursday, June 23, 2005

IR-Asian and Hapa Web Resources

Once upon a time, you were doing good to find a 2-year old issue of Yolk magazine online, a non-updated college campus group website, the occasional semi-active mailing list and maybe some personal pages, in terms of Hapa/IR-Asian websites. That's all changed now. Maybe it's yet another influence of blogs or the increased numbers of biracial and multiracial people using the internet. Whatever the reason, it's a welcome change to me.

Here's a sampling of some pretty cool IR-Asian/Hapa websites and blogs I ran across today. I'll be adding them to the IR Links section, too:

Half Korean

Eurasian Nation

Curls - Superb Hair Care for Multiethnic Women


I'm sure there are many other IR-Asian/Hapa websites out there. If you know of some, you can e-mail them to me!

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