Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm Back!

This morning, I fixed the computer. The processor had indeed gotten fried the other day but I got a replacement from Goodwill Computer Store. They had my exact processor, and due to a minor computer glitch of their own, they sold me the AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1400 Mhz processor at a ripe price of $21.60! Can't beat that with a stick! So, I put the "new" processor in this morning and it works very well.

It was actually kind of nice to have a three day break from the computer at home. It forced us to find other things to do, which led to some creative choices (like going to the library -- not to use their computer! lol).

Anyway, I've been reading Spectre and really enjoying it. I've read nearly half the book in about two days. I really like the authors' knowledge of the Star Trek characters, although some ST canon really doesn't need to be followed (I never liked the idea of Klingons having pink blood, how anti-macho and undignified is that for the mighty warrior race? Geez!). I also like the successful blending of the different characters from the different series, specifically "The Original Series," "The Next Generation" and "Voyager." There's a tossaway beginning at Deep Space Nine but it really doesn't incorporate DS9 characters into the story as a whole.

One thing that is unusual and interesting in Spectre is the use of bispecies characters, specifically the love of Captain Kirk's life, Teilani. She's half-Klingon/half-Romulan, if you can imagine. And within the trilogy of stories, Kirk and Teilani have a multi-species child. Okay, Star Trek rave/rant off...

More later!

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