Monday, November 22, 2004

Rain Rain Part Deux

Special thanks to Weatherbug for the radar image!

Well, it's been another wet weekend. It got particularly stormy last night, with constant thunder and lightning and a delightful 2 inches of rain overnight. Once I got back to sleep (hard to get to sleep with the frequent, white bright lightning flashes but exhaustion did it's part and I managed), the rain made for good, deep sleep. I was surprised when I checked the local news this morning and learned that a major road in downtown Austin (Cesar Chavez @ Lamar, for you Austinites) near Town Lake was flooded and even part of nearby 5th Street coming off of one of the highways (Mopac).

The rain is supposed to move out tomorrow evening, we'll just have to tread water and avoid tornadoes until then. Thanksgiving weekend is supposed to be clear and have lows in the 30s!

We had an interesting weekend, despite the rain. First Light participated in a cultural dinner for our church on Saturday. Our church (which is nondenominational) celebrates all nations and one way to celebrate is to have a dinner with food prepared in the way other nations do. The deacons and their wives prepared dishes such as African stewed chicken; German saurkraut with authentic German sausage; lamb with squash and unleavened bread in the style of Israel; beef and broccoli with fried rice and eggroll - plus a choice of soy or sweet and sour sauces; enchiladas, lasagne and American meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

I sampled quite a few dishes (didn't have room for the meatloaf or potatoes or any of the cheese-heavy dishes), including the Israeli, African and Asian dishes. I tried to get a little of everything. Both of my sons tried all "foreign" dishes (I was very proud of them). Angel had eaten before we left home, so she didn't sample as much. Anyway, it was a wonderful event and our pastor had some encouraging words for all of us.

I could tell you the story about how our van broke down right before the event, but the Lord blessed us to make it there anyway -- and our van is already fixed (and it only took one part and 99 cents!) So I really have nothing to complain about and plenty to be happy about.

Bring on the rain!!!

Best Wishes,

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