Thursday, November 20, 2003

Blogging About Why I Don't Blog About Politics

I think there's no easier way to stereotype yourself than to broadcast your political affiliations and opinions to the world. Let me explain:

Let's say there's "Joe Q. Blog's Really Liberal Blog" in which he spends months of blogspace attacking the President or what the Republicans and conservatives are doing to "bring down the country."

Next door (internet-wise) is "Mary J. Conservative's RepubliBlog" in which she spends months of blogspace attacking the Democrat of the Moment and liberals in general.

Fill in the blank with the remaining political parties and the blogs of their proud supporters of the moment. Then take a moment to yawn and stretch (it'll help you feel better).

I mean, there's really too much of it out there. It fills the internet kind of like an unsightly landfill. I mean, how many times do we need to read "(political) party lines" before it becomes what it really is: BORING?

I thought blogs were supposed to be the new definition of personal pages, your thoughts - not your party's thoughts, your experiences and a broad variety of matters which interest you. That's what I try to make IR Haven, partially interracial topics, partially a cross-section of my experiences, thoughts and beliefs.

Something else I don't prefer about politi-blogs is that they tend to be complaint-centered. I dislike that I've had to write a lot of this in a complaining fashion but I think it also helps summarize my point.

I dunno, I think it's more interesting to read someone's blog and try to figure out who they are based on what they do and are interested in. That alone might tell you their political beliefs, without them having to shout it to the internet.

While I have definite political beliefs and affiliations, I don't think they really have a place in the blog.

What do you think? Please leave a comment on this topic.

Best Wishes,