Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Well, Some Ideas Are Good And Some Aren't...

Several months ago, I started a new blog on Xanga because I wanted to try to separate my "spiritual" commentary from my IR commentary -- and you know what, since then, I've been much less motivated to blog at either.

I think that defeats the purpose, don't you?

So I'm going to put the Xanga blog on permanent hiatus and just focus on IR Haven. I started out with IR Haven, the website, and I'm really not ready to let it go. It means too much to me.

I do wonder whether or not I want to keep the "Love Sees No Color Ring" going, though. It started out as the second pre-Webring Rings on the Net but now I find all kinds of sites applying for it.
The idea behind LSNC was a good one and at one time, it had nearly 100 sites participating. It's down to something like 36 and I really cringe at some of the sites applying these days...I dunno.

What do you think? Leave me a comment. Do you think LSNC should continue or has its time passed?

Best Wishes,

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