Saturday, July 17, 2004

I don't normally do this but since this issue affects every American, please click on the graphic below to learn more about what the nonprofit I run, the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA), is doing in response to yesterday's announcement by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson.


Thanks!  You may help save lives by participating in this effort.
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(Loren) Root wishes she could turn back time. "I would've researched. I would've talked to people," she said. "You can find these support groups, you can go on the Internet."

"People need to know that there's a really bad side to this procedure," she said. "Death."

A Costly Choice:
Weight-Loss Surgery Wrecks Woman's Health

This is the surgery that medical professionals want to happen more often -- and it's a surgery that is destroying people's lives! If you click on the story link above, this woman, Loren Root, had WLS and is slowly starving to death. There is a fund set up for this poor woman, so please help any way you can.

You can also help by clicking HERE and sending a message to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services -- people don't need this surgery, they need to be educated in self-esteem, fitness and healthy food choices. As you can see, WLS is rarely the "quick-fix" it is claimed to be. This woman's case is extreme but not terribly uncommon. It is one of the many side effects that affect more than 40% of WLS patients. Not all deaths are immediate. Please help save lives because OBESITY IS NOT A DISEASE!

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