Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Pictures From Ice Central

Just a few more photos from around the neighborhood. Click on any of them to enlarge them to full-size.

A frozen flower garden, up close.

Same flower garden, but a wider view.

A nearby sidewalk, partially iced over.

The treacherous ice stairs. I'll be happy when these thaw (probably tomorrow).

Most everyone in our apartment complex stayed in today. Good for them!

Best Wishes,


Dirty Butter said...

We haven't had anything like that in Alabama since 1993! The weather has really gone crazy this year, hasn't it?

Thanks for putting the BLOG VILLAGE Family Blog Carnival banner at the top. Are you going to enter? Anyone who links TO you can enter, too! Click on the banner to find out all about it. DEADLINE Turs., Jan 25th 11:59PM EST.

Allen said...

Yes, I submitted an entry around the same time as I put the code up for the banner. Thanks! Yeah, the year's weather is off to an...interesting start.

Best Wishes,

JAM said...

In the three years we lived in the Dallas area, it snowed once, but we had three MAJOR ice storms in the same period. Good shots, I'm sure it was somewhat of a novelty to get that in Austin.

I'm visiting from the photography carnival.

Janey Loree said...

Now I'm jealous! You get to live in Texas!! I would brave the ice storms to get back home and take great pictures like these!!!

I am visiting via the GONZO Photography Carnival!!!!

Cedar Waxwing said...

I don't mind snow, but really don't like ice. And to think you got it in Austin.

Visiting from the photography carnival.

Naomi said...

Great photos. I'm surprised to see the ice though. I'm from England and didn't think they got that kind of weather in Texas. I'm visitng from the Gonzo photography carnival.