Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back To A Semblance Of Normalcy

Yesterday, we were finally able to de-ice most of the van and drive it a bit. After about 90 minutes, we cleared the ice from windshield in the front, all the side windows, the tires and most of the back. It took one more round to free the remainder of the back window. I actually managed to scrape/cut my right hand on ice to create a minor ouch factor for the rest of the day. Anyway, we drove to the grocery store, where we ran into one of our bandmates, got some supplies and headed back.

Today, most of the school systems, including ours, opened a couple of hours late (to coincide with the ending of the Winter Storm Warning). I asked my wife to wait a couple of hours to go into work so we could make sure we got our kids down the Icy Stairs of Doom in one piece. After that, my wife dropped me off at work on the way to her job and all is well.

Things are still icy in places but it is manageable and most of Austin is trying to get back into the groove of things (ice...road...groove...Austin=music town -- er, nevermind).

Best Wishes,

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