Saturday, July 15, 2006

When Exercise Attacks!

So I've been taking a new bus route to get to work since the move. On weekdays, I take 3 different buses to get to work (I used to take only one). Today was my first time taking a Saturday route to work -- and it only involved taking two buses...but there was a catch: I had thought the bus would take me closer to my job than it actually did.

So I found myself a couple of miles from my job instead of about half a mile like I'd planned.

In Texas heat.


The only good part was that it was still early morning (around 9:15 am). I made good time, walking fast. I still was sweating pretty hard...but I made it in less than half an hour, so I was happy.

Next time, I'll pick a route that gets me a little closer. Really.

Best Wishes,


Dirty Butter said...

Oh NOOOOOOO!! I'm glad that was you, and not me! I never would have made it.


christine said...

is that Nicole Richie in the pic?

Zen said...

You could take a bike with ya