Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quick Moving Update

Okay, so we have essentially moved in to the new apartment. There's still a few straggling items at the old place and a lot of cleaning up to do, but a good 80% to 90% was able to be moved on Monday and Tuesday (the majority of it -- *pant, wheeze* -- on Monday!)

The kids have been adapting reasonably well. They've liked being able to help move stuff and bring stuff up to the apartment and they seem to like their new room already. My youngest son, Josey, in his most optimistic tone, proceeded to explain the comparisons between how many bedrooms and bathrooms the duplex had as well as the living room and dining room -- so the places really were similar after all (now imagine it explained about twice as complex as that)...with a smile on his face. It was very cute.

The basic utilities were already on when we moved in. We got cable, internet and phone on yesterday (advantages of working for the company that supplies those services). I was finally able to get my George Foreman Grill over last night. For some reason, I had an innate fear that I would drop it in the move, so I was very, very careful with it. Ah, a "chef" and his grill...

The only stubborn point for me has been the washer/dryer connections. My friends who helped me move all the furniture on Monday also moved the Washer and the Dryer. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to hook them up. I made an attempt in a condition of dehydrated, overheated exhaustion on Monday night and it was just laughable. Keep in mind, in Austin it got to 97 degrees F(ahrenheit) with a heat index of 102 degrees F. And of course, we moved things during the hottest part of the day (hey, it had to get done). Now that I have all my tools and my wits back about my head, I should be able to get it hooked up by tomorrow.

Yesterday wasn't much easier. I moved all of the computer equipment over by myself. Scarily, it was a vehicle load all by itself (who knew?). Although not as hard as hauling the washer and dryer up a steep flight of stairs, the cumulative effort of making 5 or 6 trips up those stairs in 90+ degree heat was still exhausting (and nerve wracking, I need all of that equipment).

But it does feel good to see all of us settling in and getting used to the new place.

Best Wishes,

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Dirty Butter said...

Sounds like things are working out a lot better than you had expected, so it's going to be all OK. We've lived in this house with a basement full of junk now for about 30 years. It would be an absolute nightmare to even think about moving, with all the junk we've accumulated. We really do need to clean it all out before our children have to deal with it at some point in an estate sale, but I keep putting it off. Simplify, simplify, simplify should be my mantra, but it's not, I fear.