Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita Mania: Part 2

So, in preparations for this weekend and Hurricane Rita, I go to Walmart to get some essentials, like bottled water, canned goods, batteries, over-the-counter medicines, etc. I figured water might be scarce -- and it was -- but I had no idea how cleaned out the place would be!? It was like visiting after a looting or something! Almost all of the basic canned goods were gone, ALL bottled water was gone and batteries, especially "D" batteries? Forget it!

So, I got what I could from Walmart, which was considerable and went to another grocery store (HEB) for the rest. I found a few more items and they were just starting to stock some more bottled water. A gentleman next to me asked the stocker if he could take a case off the palate (a case is a 24-pack) and they stocker said "sure!" So, I did the same. When I got to the checkout line, the checker said "You found water??" (like this was a rare treasure, which it was) and I said "Yep!"

Still no "D" batteries, but oh, well, you can't have everything...

Keep in mind, this is AUSTIN. We're not even expecting the most severe weather. We are not evacuating.

But people don't want to take any chances, and I can't say I blame them. Hurricanes are unpredictable, after all. I think everyone's learned to take things seriously after Katrina.

More as things develop...

Best Wishes,

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Dak-Ind said...

good luck to you folks there! stay safe.