Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Rita Mania" Begins

I've been made aware of the exact type of weather we could be facing -- even in Austin and Central Texas -- this weekend from Hurricane Rita. We got the leftovers of a hurricane a few years ago but it was just a little rain and wind gusts, nothing significant. This time around, we could get 75 - 100 mph winds, lots of rain and possible tornadoes. The severity will depend on if we are on the west or the east side of the hurricane. If we are on the east side of the hurricane, the effects are more severe.

I'm not worried at this point but my "caution meter" has gone up a few levels, especially now that Rita is a Category 5 hurricane. I've started praying for the people on the coastline, the people in Central Texas and for the Katrina evacuees who are having to be evacuated yet again. I can't imagine how traumatizing this must be for them.

In my job, I have been doing tech support for people all over the Central Texas area. I have helped many people displaced by Katrina from New Orleans, people who relocated here to Austin. Now, those people will have to face another significant hurricane, only weeks after being forced from their homes.

It's going to an interesting weekend, to say the least. More later...

Best Wishes,

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