Saturday, September 03, 2005

Initial Thoughts On Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath

I am still not fully comprehending the total devastation caused by Hurricance Katrina. I've gotten to the point where I turn the sound down because the news commentary is either such a political blame game it's nauseating or the facts are just too heartbreaking to bear.

I pray for the survivors and the relief personnel and volunteers daily. I am emotionally wrenched as I read of new deaths and the causes of death. I sympathize till I start feeling numb, then I pray for the Lord to help me focus on Him and His goodness, understanding that He is in control of everything.

I know people in Louisiana but they were spared the worst of the Hurricane's damage. They are in the minority, to be sure.

Texas has certainly contributed to the relief efforts. I've been very proud of my state's involvment. Even Austin has been very involved, taking in and helping hurricane refugees. It's going to be a long road ahead for everyone involved.

Through ISAA, I've encouraged people to give cash or blood to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

I have to go for now. I'll blog more on this again soon...

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