Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mail Storage Wars: Gmail Vs. Yahoo!

Okay, so I finally decided to get a Gmail account for IR Haven. I had the "irhavenblog" account at Yahoo -- and that already had 250 MB of storage, promising to go up to 1 GB in May -- but Gmail, of course, offers 2 Gigabytes of mail storage.

The ultimate, ultimate question anyone can ask is: who on Earth actually USES two GB of mail storage and HOW would you do it? Would you make special folders just for Spam and actually save every last e-mail?? Would you send messages to yourself, just so you could save copies to self twice? Would you have to write all your friends with Gmail accounts and ask them to send you all their MP3 as ZIP attachments? And after all of that, would you still have more than about 200 MB? I wonder...

No, my deciding factor was more personal. At Yahoo, I can only have "irhavenblog" (long story, don't feel like telling it right now) and at Gmail, I can have "irhaven."

And I like "irhaven." Less is more.

Unlike Gmail...or Yahoo or MSN (but hey, 250 MB beats the old 2 MB limit!) or -?

Best Wishes,

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