Monday, March 28, 2005

Vacation Update # 2

Again, apologies for delays. We also had a nice freak thunderstorm on Friday night. The temperatures had gotten into the 80s during the day and a cold front entered the Austin area at about 35 mph, sparking off an intense atmospheric reaction. I partially pulled our van into the garage because the weatherpeople said hail and damaging winds were "possible." So we lit a couple of candles and got the flashlights ready, in case the power went out. The storm was fast and furious, dropping heavy rain and hail over about 10 minutes. We fared pretty well. No visible damage to our vehicle or our duplex. We had friends whose house had shingles smashed off, a gazebo ripped to shreds and blocks with no leaves left in trees from hail damage. They may have had tennis ball-sized hail, while I think we got hit by golf ball-sized hail.

Saturday started strangely, with our fridge dying a quick death (probably a result of the storm). Kudos to Conn's for having a great price on a new Maytag fridge and kudos to one of my friends for having a truck to haul it home in. We had to do all this before heading out to a 2:00 p.m. Easter musical rehearsal for Sunday's Easter program at our church. It turned out to be an all-afternoon rehearsal but it was well worth it, we needed it. The Lord really blessed the program and the preaching for Easter.

So, now it's a new week. As always, there's tons to do -- but I do want to get some photos online as soon as possible. Look for some in "Vacation Update # 3."

Best Wishes,

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