Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Catching Up (Again)

I'd rather not force my blogging, so I've been a bit silent lately. My family and I are fine. Actually, my wife and I are looking forward to Spring Break with our kids. Also, Angel's and my 10th wedding anniversary is coming up. We are celebrating it by going (Lord willing) on a long-overdue VACATION! Yep, we have made arrangements for our boys and we are going solo out of state for a four day weekend!!!! (Woohoo!)

We've made all the reservations, bought the tickets, reserved the rental car and we are majorly revved up.

We haven't had any kind of vacation in nearly two years (you may gasp with impunity now). Yes, TWO YEARS.

I'll blog about (some of) the vacation after we get back. And I may post a couple of pictures, since we do plan on taking our digital camera. Needless to say, on St. Patrick's Day weekend, I will not be blogging. By the way, we deliberately married on March 18, the day after St. Patrick's Day.

Did I mention that Angel proposed to me? It's true -- and I held her to it (to this day)!

Best Wishes,

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