Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vacation Update #1

I managed to get over 7 hours sleep last night, so I feel much better today. I was doing good to get to work yesterday, do my job and drive home safely.

The pictures have been downloaded to our computer and I should have some posted within a day or two. Everything is unpacked (we only took one piece of carry-on luggage each) and I am once again getting used to Central Time and the Austin, Texas atmosphere.

Pennsylvania was much colder but being near a lake (frozen though it was) and in the mountains was an incredible relief to our sinuses and boost to our overall health. I almost couldn't believe how much I started coughing once we got back to Texas (via Houston en route to Austin). With some sleep and basic relaxation, I seem to be readjusting to the climate pretty quickly.

More later...

Best Wishes,

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