Wednesday, September 29, 2004


It is not bragging to say that my non-profit work with ISAA could probably gain me some kind of celebrity status; I've done an incredible amount of media spots on television, radio, newspapers and magazines...and there is no doubt that this work has helped people obtain valuable information to empower themselves and make choices to improve their lives. I'm happy to do this work and I love to help people whenever possible.

Recently, however, I've had to pull back from that work and do some delegating to other ISAA volunteers. The Lord used my minister to help me prioritize my focus...not to stop all my non-profit work but to give some much-deserved extra attention to my wife and kids as well as my day-job. It was just in time, too. The Lord has really blessed me in my communications with my wife and being able to be a more integral part of my sons' lives.

I still coordinate efforts in ISAA and maintain the ISAA website (which is not a daily task). I still read a tremendous amount of e-mail in efforts to keep up-to-date on matters that affect the size acceptance movement. But ultimately, I have to take care of home and family before I can help anyone else. That's biblical and I stand by it. The Lord has really enriched my life, even in a short time, as a result -- and I am very grateful.

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