Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mild Modifications and Near-Future Plans, etc.

I've updated some links on IR Haven, mainly to take out newly "broken" links. I also added the "Free Dakota" banner, about an 8-year old boy taken by Child Protective Services in Valparaiso, Indiana because of the boy's weight. ISAA has decided to be supportive of this child and his mother, based upon overwhelming evidence in the mother's favor. Please check it out, you can help reunite a little boy with his wonderful, loving mother. Just click the Free Dakota button below:

In other news, my church is gearing up for a wonderful "Youthfest 2004." This is a program where our church works with other churches to send the positive message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to today's youth of all nations. First Light will be performing, as well as several other musical groups from our church, in addition to youth-oriented skits, statistics and performances by groups from other churches. The date for Youthfest 2004 is October 23, 2004 in Austin, Texas at the Delco Center. I'll give more details, including times, as I get them.

I want to do more blogging on IR Haven, but I've been wanting to keep everything relevant and not just relay talking points from the news or talk radio or what have you...

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