Wednesday, January 22, 2003

A Strange New Milestone Of Sorts

The latest issue of TIME Magazine (the January 27, 2003 issue) is hitting many shelves across the country today -- and I am quoted in it, as part of their business article "How To Sell XXXL." My quote is in regards to the Southwest Airlines policy towards "people of size" from July 2002 and it appears on the last page of the article (which starts on page 43). I was interviewed because of my role as Director of the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA). The article addresses how American businesses are adapting to service larger and larger-sized Americans (or in the case of SW Airlines, how some businesses are working against larger-sized Americans).

I've done media interviews before but none of this kind -- in a generally well-respected national/international publication like TIME Magazine. It's already snagged me a radio interview with Atlanta's WGST 670; I did that yesterday morning and was interviewed by Tom Hughes. I thought it went well.

In other news closer to home, I'm very proud of my sons (and my wife, too -- but that should go without saying.

My oldest son, Adam (he's 7), is in first grade but reading at mid-2nd grade level. He's also astoundingly creative and writes short, illustrated stories he calls his books; he can write them spontaneously and they are always to-the-point, interesting and tend to have a moral or a distinct message.

Josey (4) has just reached the point of being able to play with us or his brother or be able to entertain himself in song or thought or drawing or playing. He'll be entering pre-school this fall. Josey is much more cerebral and serious but he often wakes in a good mood and stays in a good mood throughout the day. He imitates his brother a lot (which is normal, of course, but uniquely amusing sometimes, too).

My wife is a very private person so I can't divulge too much about her, except to say that she is a wonderful, beautiful person whom I deeply adore.

I'll blog more soon...

Best Wishes,