Friday, January 31, 2003

Hey, It’s Friday, Let’s Kick Back & Listen To Some Tunes…

Last night, Angel, the boys and I attended a band practice for the Christian band we are a part of called First Light. Angel sings and plays viola and I play electric bass guitar and sing. We’ve been preparing for an upcoming performance at our church.

(Yes, let it be known: at one time, I did have a full beard.)

First Light is unique in several respects: first, it has two married IR couples in it; second, we perform many different flavors of international sound, usually with a jazzy “twist.” First Light plays some cover tunes and many original tunes. To check out the whole First Light website, click here.

And to hear a couple of songs of First Light performing live (in Real Player M4A Format), click on the links below:

If you need a copy of Real Player, click here. There is a free version available.

These aren’t studio quality, since they were recorded off of video, but they should give you an idea of what First Light sounds like in concert. “Praise Ye The Lord” is part of an annual Easter musical drama our church performs; Keishia Gordon is a member of First Light.

Well, I'm gonna wrap it up for now. Have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,