Thursday, January 29, 2004

I’m Having A Wil Wheaton Moment…

...but it’s not a bad thing. Wil Wheaton is, of course, the actor who played “Wesley Crusher” in Star Trek The Next Generation. He had a few scenes in the last Star Trek movie, Nemesis and those scenes were cut to where he had no speaking parts. Well, that happened to me (and another associate from ISAA, we were both interviewed) – except it wasn’t a Star Trek movie…it was the “Supersize Me” documentary which debuted at the Sundance film festival to rave reviews and won Morgan Spurlock a Best Director (for a documentary) Award.

Am I disappointed? Not really, as from all accounts I have heard, the film took a totally different direction (no pun) than we were originally led to believe. Interestingly enough, ISAA is still thanked in the credits of the film, according to the director.

I suppose the real question is, will I end up in the DVD edition? Hm! Who knows…lol!

I did have an interview in Travel+Leisure Magazine this month and most likely the UK edition of GQ Magazine. Life goes on.

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