Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yes, I Still Post Here...

It's been a while, true, but I do. I've been going through a few things...but I'm okay! In fact, I've even got a new gadget to talk about.

After the untimely demise of my second Handspring Visor (the one I bought off of eBay) this week, so I decided to get a brand new Palm PDA. I researched it online and determined that the Palm Zire Z-22 was the best for me, both in functionality and price.

It uses the latest version of the Palm Operating System, which still has all the main functions that the old 3.0 version my Handspring used -- just prettier. It has more memory (32MB, my Handspring had 8MB) and -- gasp -- color! It's a smaller, very sleek design, has a rechargable battery and AC adapter and syncs up through a USB cable. For $99, it's a great deal!

I also bought its Air Case (see-through hard plastic) to keep it safe. A good investment for only $14.99.

I'll update again when I have another solid subject to discuss.

Best Wishes,

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