Thursday, January 05, 2006

IR Haven: 3 Years And Still Blogging

IR Haven launched its blog in January 2003. Since then, I've rambled on about IR topics, family life, spiritual matters, non-dairy recipes and more.

Well, now I've got a new one to blog about: Identity Theft!

This happened to me for the first time, just in the last week. Recently, our single vehicle, our beloved family van, has been undriveable due to some transmission problems. So, I've been taking the bus to work and a cab back home (I live just a couple of miles from my job, so it's not that bad). The majority of the time, I prefer to pay for cabs with cash but one time, I made the mistake of paying with my debit card.

Now, a week or two later, my bank account gets hit for nearly $900 in online gambling charges! Don't worry, I was able to contact the bank and let them know as soon as my wife and I looked at the account online. The bank was quick to mark the debit card stolen and launch an investigation into the fraudulent use of the card. Most likely, everything will be reversed within a few days, but it was quite a scare.

Life goes on...

Best Wishes,

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