Thursday, May 12, 2005

Some New IR Headlines Of Interest

New Biracial Club Promotes Diversity, Provides Community

Group, in its startup phase, aims to unite students with similar past experiences

by Rebecca Hyler, Photo by Lisa Johnson
May 09, 2005

The missions of the new Biracial Student Association are two-fold: To make the campus more aware that the world is becoming increasingly diverse, and to provide biracial students with a sense of community.
While the club is only in its startup phase, waiting approval from the Student Government Association, Jennifer Gordon, the co-advisor of the BSA and the director of programs for the Office of Diversity Resources, already has a goal in mind.

"We want members to feel connected--finally," Gordon said. "There's a need for us to feel connected to people like us because we all have a lot to deal with, and we identify with many of the same experiences."

Gordon said she felt an instant connection to Taylor Walker, president of the BSA and a junior sports management major.

Both women are biracial, and they both grew up in racially isolated Long Island neighborhoods.

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Other Campuses: Christians, Colleges Deal With Mixing Races, Cultures

(U-WIRE) WACO, Texas - The Old Testament prohibited marriage between Jews and gentiles, but according to the associate professor of religious studies, A. Christian van Gorder, the idea wasn't to prevent marriages between people of different ancestry, but to keep the Jews from worshiping foreign gods.

Van Gorder, who uses the term "intercultural" rather than "interracial," said Christians who are against intercultural marriage aren't dealing with a religious issue, but with an issue "that relates mostly to European-American racism."

He said the Bible doesn't teach the concept of race, but rather warns against inter-religious marriages in passages such as Deuteronomy 7:3, Exodus 12:48-49 and 2 Corinthians 6:14.

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