Friday, October 31, 2003

I Know That, Technically, It's Halloween But I Felt Like Sharing This With You

It's been a few posts since I blogged about an interracial topic. My apologies for that, as I know that's of great interest to those who visit the site. I don't have a fountain of ideas today but I can say this:

I am just as proud today to be married to someone of another nation/race/color as I was when I married my Angel nearly nine years ago. I am even more in love with her today than I was then and I feel even more blessed.

I am honored to be the father of two biracial sons who are the perfect blend of me and Angel. They make me very proud of them each day.

In a time when expectations for marriage and fatherhood are at an all-time low, it's a privilege and a wonder to be part of a truly interracial family. And even though tomorrow is not promised to any of us, I have a peace and comfort regarding the potential future of my family.

Best Wishes,

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