Sunday, June 29, 2003

Looking To The Sky For Answers: An Explanation

The three-part Looking To The Sky For Answers is a true story, it happened to me in 1992. I have considered developing it into a book from time to time (thus the copyright notations on each segment) but lately it's just been sitting around collecting the computerized hard drive equivalent of dust...and I thought that was a waste, especially when thousands of people read IR Haven each month (which is both amazing and an honor).

In my life, I've been through some rough spots and on more than one occasion, I know I could have lost my life. Looking is one of those times. It's worth noting that after I got back from this experience in June 1992, my friendship with Angel (now my wife) really began to bloom. By Fall 1992, she and I would be dating; by Christmas 1992, she would propose to me and I would happily accept; and in March 1995, we would be married. I believe that the Lord or one of His angels spoke to me that day and the Lord spared my life and allowed me to develop this interracial relationship that would so change my life for the better. He blessed me with a real-life Angel and we would be blessed with two wonderful biracial sons.

I wanted to share this story because maybe it can be of help to someone somewhere. If that still, small voice speaks to you, please listen to it. It could save your life, your future -- or even your soul.

At the very least, I hope Looking is interesting reading. Please feel free to make comments and give me feedback about this real-life story.

Make sure to start at Part One; it's a little strange reading it backwards from Part Three. If you don't want to scroll all the way down, you can just click on this link.

Thanks for your time.

Best Wishes,

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