Saturday, May 31, 2003

It's A World!

I was watching Nightline last night (well, it was interesting for a change!) about the "modernization" of climbing Mt. Everest. The son of the man who first climbed Everest 50 years ago called his father from the peak using a cell phone while being taped for a National Geographic documentary. And I started thinking, y'know, we are more technology and internet-connected, driven and dependent than any other time in history -- and yet, the internet was virtually unknown in 1994, less than 10 years ago. I can remember enjoying text-based bulletin boards in 1989 and we are WAY more advanced than that now-!

If I want to check the weather while online, I can activate Weatherbug or go to a local news website. If I need to contact an associate in another country, I e-mail or look them up on an instant messenger and chat "live." I don't even need local or cable television for my news anymore, I can catch it live from the internet.

I have been getting more (non-spam) e-mails than phone calls for years!

And we also have online communities -- like this blog -- to allow us to meet and learn about complete strangers...then lo and behold, before too long, they're our friends! Wild, huh?

Gotta run now, I'll post again soon.

Best Wishes,