Thursday, March 20, 2003

I apologize for the long break since my last blog

It's been quite a month! I've been extremely busy preparing for Entitled 2003, my size acceptance organization's first Austin, Texas convention. I mean, it can be kind of overwhelming sometimes when you think about the concept of organizing not only a convention but also a film premiere, plus-size fashion show and concert. We're also preparing to have a contest as part of the event -- and the winner will receive a vacation package to a resort in Cancun, Mexico! I've also been responsible for a lot of the marketing of Entitled 2003. I have had help, though (for which I am very grateful...)

Of course, like everyone else, I've been keeping an eye on the war news. But since everyone else (pick a television station/network or radio station) has been covering it, I don't think you need my 2 cents at this point.

Besides, I expressed my opinions on war here.

Oh, yeah, and there was Spring Break, too, which I got to enjoy with my family.

I will be blogging more regularly. So I hope to be back tomorrow for more blogging. Blogging is cool. Not having blogged for a month, I didn't realize how much I missed it. (How many ways can one say "blog" in one paragraph? Hmmmmm!)

Bye for now. Later!

Best Wishes,